Friday, February 3, 2017

49 cent pillow?

Pillows, I'm afraid, has become a little out of hand over the years. And, I'm not saying I got sick of them and threw them all out, but I've done a bit of weeding through them and purging many! I've found a new way of bringing in new pops through pillows without having an arsenal on hand.

I shop on amazon for pillow covers! Seriously, it is the easiest thing and so much cheaper than going to a store to buy a new pillow. Well, I never really bought new pillows, but you get the point.😍

I found several pillow covers for 39 cents and 49 cents. Now, I have a nice little pile of folded pillow covers to switch out pillows for seasons or decor without having a closet full of bulky pillows!

My favorite was this world pillow...
Our son got a large map to hang in his closet along with a cool old globe to display in his room. He has developed a love for history and loves to learn about anything and everything about everywhere. 😉
It's always fun to watch them grow up and enjoy learning. So, when I spotted the pillow cover for 49 cents, I just couldn't resist adding a little "world" to his bed. 
Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE pillows, and I probably still have way too many, but we are getting there.