Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Coffee station

My sweet husband found me this perfect chicken nester and had it delivered right to my living room Christmas morning! I was a bit overwhelmed, because a few passing comments about desiring one seemed a bit of a stretch. And, these babies aren't easy to find in our area especially without a high price tag. But, no surprise, he went searching high and low and scored this beauty...
I brought down the desk from the loft to use as our little coffee station. Now I don't have to move my kuerig out from under the cabinet every time I use it.

I haven't fully completed the shelves inside the nester, but for now a few of my vintage kitchen finds have found a temporary home.
      • Little wooden box was found at Target on clearance for $7. It is perfect for housing all our k-cups.
        • Sugar jar came from the dig 'n Save goodwill. Probably paid less than a quarter for it.
        • Cute jar with little rope holder was a quarter at a yard sale. It has become the home to our stirring spoons
        • The Keurig itself was found at an antique store brand new in box for $49.99 (at store it was $149.99)! I had just purchased the cheaper model at Kohls right before stopping at the antique store. So, I bought this one and took my other one back to Kohls right away.😉
        • Farmstead sign was made in our garage.
        • And, a sweet friend made my cute little "All I need is coffee and a Whole lot of Jesus" towel.

If you are ever in the area let me know. I'd love to do coffee!