Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Spoon & fork full

I found this ugly wooden fork and spoon at the Dig n' Save Goodwill back in the fall. They cost me a wompin 89 cents!! Talk about break the bank, huh? I threw them in my pallet wood bin and figured I'd get around to painting them someday. That day came about 6 months later. 😆

Honestly, they weren't really my style at all. However, I've learned to look at things by seeing their potential and figuring a way to make it my style whether it is with paint or a completely new look. I clearly wasn't going for the vudoo look, but thought sanding it down a bit would help it not be too awful.
My sweet husband used his table saw and smoothed out the fork quite a bit. I haven't completely finished smoothing out the spoon...as you can see in the picture, but I flipped them around and love the look for now. Next time the table saw comes out though, my spoon will be having a date.😊😊
I used white chalk paint for the paint. It took two good coats and make them pop off my weird colored kitchen walls. That is probably on the agenda to change this year.  And, don't you love my happy survival note on my chalkboard? Homeschooling with 5 little ones can be daunting some days, but we were excited to celebrate our 100 day mark!!! Summer is coming!