Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Baby move out

Several weeks ago we evicted baby from our room. 😊 The size of the master bedroom was a huge plus in having a cute little nursery corner. However, I'm not about the baby staying put for a lengthy period of time. Plus, her big sisters were begging for her to be moved in with them. A "simple" task of moving the crib to their room ended in major upheaval of the entire upstairs including 2 closets. I just figured a complete move out was best for me to stay organized too. We moved her clothes into the girl's closet and out of ours. This led to a good storage space in our closet for next size clothing bins, birthday gifts, and luggage. 
I am so thankful I had painted the girl's walls gray a few months before baby was born. It made the move out/move in process easier for me to put up decor right away. 
Here's the majority of the room...

Baby's corner ended up pretty identical to the corner she had in our room, but I love it in here better. (for more than one reason 😉)