Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Kitchen chairs complete

With 5 little ones, homeschooling, and other every day life in our crazy home completing projects makes one feel amazing. 😉 I continue to have a lengthy list, but one's home never gets to be the way you want it overnight!
The kitchen chairs were given to us several years ago. They were simple, but sound. And, I've had every intention to paint/stain them since the moment they were received. I used the same techniques on the kitchen chairs as I did on the table. You can read all about the table here.
Side by side comparison....
I opted to do a white chalk paint on the bottom and spindle part with a bit of minor distressing and a white wax over top of all that. I'm just praying they hold up with the amount of traffic they see in a given day.😁

Thankful to have all the seating in our kitchen complete. It has been a bit of work, but I am loving the final product.