Monday, May 15, 2017

CandyLand Party

Our sweet Madelynn turned the big 7 a few weeks ago. She wanted an "all the colors" birthday theme. I figured that was fairly easy, and went to work on a few decorations with stuff we had on hand. Then, Candy land popped in my head and I figured we could have loads of fun with all those colors. It gave a little more direction with the theme too.
It turned out super cute with a crazy colorful cake, pizza lane, Veggie swamp, and Crunchy Acres for supper.
Maddie loved helping me create a candy bar under her "Maddie's Candyland" sign. Each child got to fill a bag before they left. (the adults indulged too)😉

We had fun creating a life size game of candy-land for the children to enjoy outside too.

She was a pretty excited little seven year old. 

We had several jars of candy left from Easter and other events, so I spent very little money on this party! And, getting rid of a ton of candy we didn't need in our house was an extra plus. 😀 I had the colorful paper that we used for banners and the game. The colorful balls came from a yard sale for $2 and were enjoyed by the little kids!

Now to begin planning for our 1 year old!! 😝