Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Laundry Reveal~ $100 Room Makeover

The big day has finally arrived! I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the $100 Room Challenge again this month. If you remember, this is what our room looked like when we moved in a year ago...
After a few minor changes I started this project with the room looking like this... 
It wasn't terrible, but it definitely needed some tlc and minor cosmetic changes. I had fun painting the furniture, shopping my decoration stash, making new curtains, painting the door, staining shelves, building shelves, painting the room, creating a place for supplies to be stored, and ship-lapping a wall.
Moving the curtain rod up higher made a huge difference and feel in the room. I always love making changes to a room when it involves digging through my wood stash and making something specifically for the room I'm working on. The chalkboard was built from scratch wood and was in another room. I rearranged a few things and it fit this spot perfectly. I built a cover to place on the top of the freezer just so it didn't look ugly. 😊
The brooms, mops, and other cleaning essentials now hang in an organized fashion to the right of the freezer. This has been one of my favorite things, because things aren't shoved in random places creating a bigger mess.
Our school organization cupboard got a good cleaning and new coat and color of paint to get it looking fresh and fitting the room changes. The girls are loving the old hymnal rack as their Bible holder. Our swimming essentials are neatly organized and housed in the cute tin buckets up top.
The ship lap wall makes the room look so much brighter; and the stained shelves pop in front of it. I absolutely love when the lights are off and the little industrial lamp is the main light in the room.    
My budget was $100, and I tried super hard keeping it way under that amount. I didn't want to spend all my Christmas money. 😉
  • Paint~ $20.75
  • Furniture Paint~ free from paint supply
  • Curtains~ $4.04
  • Hardware for brooms~ $6.28
  • Ship-lap~ $32.08
  • Hymnal rack~ $1.51
  • New rug~ free from decor stash
  • Wood~ free from wood stash
  • New decor~ free from "shopping" my house
Total Cost for this room makeover was... 

Thank you for joining me this last month. I'm excited to share some fun posts on some more projects I'm in the process of tackling. Until next time... Be sure to check out all my blogging friends on their room reveal today!


  1. Wonderful update! The shiplap made a huge difference as does the farmhouse decor!

  2. Love all the changes you made! Such a difference when compared to the before picture. Nice job!